Bargaining Update – May 16, 2019

May 16, 2019:

  Natomas Teachers’ Association
Bargaining Update…

Keep Quality Teachers in Natomas Campaign

Students are the center of everything we do.

As NTA members, we are committed to the success and well-being of every student.

NTA Negotiation Team
Please forward feedback to your negotiations team.

Kristen Rocha, Chair

Justin Vorhauer

Mara Harvey

Randy Hodge

Emilio Moran

Lydiana Alfaro

Achim Dangerfield



Natomas Teachers’ Association has put forth all of our initial proposal for our articles.

NUSD has put forth all of their proposals. Both sides are currently writing counter proposals.

Invest in Collaboration, Compensation and Curriculum


Article: NTA Priority Proposals and Updates : District Proposal:
Article IV- Salary
  • Seven percent (7%) increase on all salary schedules Every step & column cell gets the increase in percentage.
  • Compress longevity (pay increase) steps to reach the steps sooner.
  • Remove and compress Column 0 to combine into Column 1 on salary schedule
  • Move Natomas Unified out of the bottom of the pack compared with all other districts in our area.
  • Offers to move column 0 ( interns) into Column 1 BA
  • Offers to combine/move Column 1 BA people to join people in Column 2 (BA + MA).  No money across certificated salary schedules for other teachers.
  • 3% offered for LGA ,

Speech, Psychologist, Counselor and Nurse salary schedules

  • Token one time $1000 check for any person who is not already moving into a raise of step or column cell  
  • In a second year, then add 2% on certificated salary schedules.
Article VI- Health and Benefits
  • Increased monthly district contribution of:  

        $25/single; $50/emp + 1 $75/family  (.42%)

  • Committee to provide staff input on applicable HB topics
  • Proposed a Health and Wellness committee
Article IX- Evaluation Procedures
  • Nurse and Speech Language Hearing Specialist evaluation tools shared..
  • Ability to attach response to summative evals
  • Proposed a committee to design evaluation tool for Nurse and Speech.
  • Ability to attach response to summative evals
Article V- Hours
  • Collaboration time to be teacher/department directed
  • Compensation when no substitutes (split class) in elementary. $10 per day per child.
  • Limit Duty to every other week- equity site to site
  • Clarify minimum vs early release day.
  • Extend staff and collab meetings 15 min. Per week  (increase of 9.25 hours)
  • For second hour of an IEP then allow $40 per hour for IEP time after school
  • Early release clarification from minimum day
Article XVII- Assoc. Rights
  • Added clarifying language for membership dues, release time, new employee orientation, employee privacy, academic freedom,and vendor restrictions
  • Academic Committee
  • NO protections for employee privacy,  academic freedom or vendor restrictions.
  • While some language in agreement for release time and new members, different committee criteria than NTA proposes.
Article I- Agreement
  • One year agreement was proposed
  • MOU documents to be attached in appendices
  • Two year agreement

Topics of discussion:



  • Review the Governor May revise of Projected COLA (COST of Living Adjustment) projected at State Budget adoption to 3.46% is projected in May revise to become 3.26%. It will be revised or finalized June 30th.




  • Continue discussion on district choices and priorities for NUSD budget.  District has a 13% RESERVE! Remove excessive administrative, attorney, and consultant fees.  Step Natomas up from the bottom.




  • Governor’s Budget for STRS proposes funds to reduce STRS contribution by the District, which means more money back in the district budget.



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