NTA Bargaining Update, Aug 12, 2019

NTA Bargaining Update August 12, 2019 (use this link)

12 August 2019:

  Natomas Teachers’ Association

Bargaining Update…

Keep Quality Teachers in

 Natomas Campaign 

Students are the center of everything we do. 

As NTA members, we are committed to the success and well-being of every student.

NTA Negotiation Team 
Please forward feedback to your negotiations team. 

Kristen Rocha, Chair


Justin Vorhauer


Mara Harvey


Randy Hodge


Emilio Moran


Achim Dangerfield



NTA and the District met for the second day of mediation on Monday August 12. The NTA bargaining team is working diligently toward a mutually agreeable outcome. The lack of movement from the district has been frustrating however, NTA is continuing to work toward a settlement being reached in mediation. 

Don’t let the district’s rhetoric about state receivership and bankruptcy fool you. Every other district in our region spends a higher percentage of their funds on teachers and yet none are facing insolvency. This conversation is about priorities. Our goal is to attract and retain teachers in NUSD. The district employs four attorneys and just the cost of one of those could translate to about a 2% salary increase for all members! According to the district salary data, in the last year the Superintendent – who is already paid more per student than any other Superintendent in the region – received a 6.1% salary increase for 27 less days of work per year. Remember – this district has choices in how they spend their money. Sadly, teachers are not their current priority.

If an agreement is not reached in mediation the parties will move to fact finding which is the final step before the imposition of a contract or moving toward a strike. Meetings led by organizing team members will be held at your site in the within the next two weeks. Please watch for upcoming meeting dates and make sure you attend. NTA represents 630 professional educators who deserve a competitive wage. The district is proposing pay increases which are distributed unevenly among the staff. 


Who is Left Out? – What they won’t tell you…

Class/step District Proposal  Increase 
Class III/Steps 1-11 No Increase from the 18/19 Schedule 0%
Class IV/Steps 1-15 No Increase from the 18/19 Schedule  0%
Class V/Steps 1-8  No Increase from the 18/19 Schedule  0%
A payoff of 1,000 dollars (pre-tax) is not an ongoing raise!
The NTA proposal includes and raise of 5.18% for ALL members


It’s NOT just the money – There are many other proposals below that NTA members have asked for and the bargaining team will continue to fight for these priorities.
Article:  Priority Proposals and Updates:
Article IV- Salary Proposal: A 5.18% raise on all current salary schedules, along with a compression (longevity boosts are sooner) that will impact all schedules at a cost of  1.42%.  This would increase career earnings and help to keep quality teachers in Natomas.  See proposed language and example certificated salary schedule below. Unlimited in-district units applied to the salary schedule: moving more than one column per year:  compensation for sub coverage when classes are split among teachers for ½ and full day; recognition of CTE experience. 
Rationale: Move Natomas out of the bottom of the pack compared to other districts. Keep teachers from leaving our district. A budget is a statement of values. The district is not choosing to value teachers. Teachers should not be the last line item.  
Article VI- Health and Benefits  Proposal: Increased monthly district contributions $25/single; $50/emp + 1; and $75/family
Rationale: Provide relief to healthcare premium costs (ongoing 0.40% increase)
Article IX- Evaluation Procedures Proposal: Nurse and Speech Language Hearing Specialist evaluation forms. Ability to attach response to summative evals
Rationale: With the support of specialists created relevant evaluation forms for both
Article V- Hours Proposal: Collaboration agendas are created by teachers, departments or grade level teams. Elementary teachers are compensated for split classrooms when a substitute is not secured. Equitable duty schedules
Rationale: Teachers have the ability to determine where they want to focus collaborative meeting time 
We Reiterate: Teachers continually express the need for quality, self-directed, collaboration time not necessarily more time.
Article XVII- Assoc. Rights Proposal: Clarifying language for membership dues, release time, new employee orientation, employee privacy, academic freedom, and vendor restrictions 
Rationale: Natomas teachers are treated as professionals and have voice and control over curriculum use.  
Article I- Agreement  Proposal: One year agreement;  Attaching agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) to appendices 
Rationale: Continue to have the opportunity to work toward our goals and keep all current agreements 

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