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2016-2018 NTA Full Contract

Contract Index

Article I: Agreement

Article II: Recognition

Article III: Grievances

Article IV: Salaries

Article V: Hours of Employment

Article VI: Health and Welfare Benefits

Article VII: Leaves

Article VIII: Safety and Well-Being

Article IX: Evaluation Procedures

Article X: Class Size

Article XI: Transfer and Reassignment

Article XII: Professional Teacher Support Program

Article XIII: Special Education and Special Subjects Specialist

Article XIV: Teacher on Special Assignment

Article XV: Shared Contract/Part-Time Contract

Article XVI: General Provisions

Article XVII: Association Rights

Article XVIII: District Rights

Article XIX: Dependent Charter School

Article XX: Progressive Discipline

Article XXI: Consultation Committee

Appendix A: Agreement Ratification

Appendix B: Certificated Salary Schedules

Appendix C: Certificated Evaluation System

Appendix D: Morning/Afternoon Kindergarten Minutes

Appendix E; Stipend Schedule

Appendix F: Counselor Evaluation

Appendix G: Psychologist Evaluation

Appendix H:  Grievance Forms

Appendix I: Calendar