Did you know . . . ?

NTA Member Benefits

Are you taking full advantage of your NTA benefits?

Did you know. . . ?

NTA offers amazing disability insurance, especially if you plan on welcoming a new member to the family!

Each school site has at least one NTA site representative to help you. Please refer to our school site list to find your rep’s contact information.

If you are ever requested to meet privately with an administrator, you should bring along your site representative or a trusted coworker.

To apply for NTA / CTA endorsed Disability Insurance, you can:

Why NTA and CTA endorse The Standard Disability Insurance . . .

What It Is

Disability Insurance pays a benefit when you cannot work because of a covered illness, injury, pregnancy, or childbirth. Benefits can help with the everyday bills that health insurance doesn’t cover.

Why You Need It

This insurance is not included in our standard medical / dental/ vision benefits package. That means you may be left with only sick leave days (10 per year) to protect you if you are unable to work.

How It Works

The Standard provides coverage for disabilities occurring on and off the job, pregnancy disability leave, and offers convenient payroll deductions for premiums.