Negotiation News 2/14/18


The following is a summary of the NTA proposal & the district’s response.

As of February 9th, the entirety of the District’s proposal has been bundled as a full package deal. The district refuses to address articles individually meaning that NTA cannot negotiate any single article without coming to an agreement on all articles proposed.

Article: Key Proposals District Response
Special Ed.
  1. Include descriptor, supports, and resources for students and educators to align with our NTA “Time to Teach Campaign”.
  2. Formation of a committee for a SPED handbook for all.
  3. Focused collaboration between specialists and GE teachers, as well as collaboration and planning between specialists.
  4. GE placement for inclusion utilizing site based teams.
  5. Adapting caseload language and other definitions.
  6. Speech/lang. supports.  
  1. No agreement for article language.
  1. District Agrees
  1. Partial agreement; no agreement reached on site-level collab between SPED and GE.  

  2. No response from district.
  1. No response from district.
  1. No response from district.
  1. Preschool teacher hours and duties codified current practice.
  2. Charter SPED teacher placement rules.  
  3. Replacing teacher directed collaboration time, limiting 120% contracts, planned PE schedules, compensation for subbing on prep..
  1. District Agrees

  2. District Agrees

  3. Proposed an extra 450 min. (1 day) of collab work time, No response on the others.
Class Size To support: NTA’s ”Time To Teach Campaign”

  1. Lessen amount of students in each Kindergarten class to offer more individualized and dynamic instruction
  2. Distribute SED students to maximize SPED teacher contact with students
  3. Establishing caseload caps for specialists to ensure all students are served equitably.
  1. District Agrees
  1. No Agreement
  1. No Agreement
  1. Increase access to security staff at K-8 schools for difficult or potentially dangerous situation
  1. District agrees
  1. 2018-19: 4% ongoing salary increase
  2. 1% for completing 12 hrs of PD
  3. Nurse Job description; unlimited years acceptance upon hiring; credential unit credit for programs combined with BA/BS degrees on the pay scale; middle school dept head stipend; Report card development committee,
  4. NTA agrees
  5. When elementary classes are divided among other classes, pay receiving teacher for coverage.
  1. 2018-19: 3% salary increase; 1% one-time off-schedule payment

  2. 2019-20:  3% one-time off-schedule payment

  3. District Agrees

  4. District proposed elimination of the class zero on salary schedule.

  5. No Agreement
  1. Add $50 per month.
  1. District Agrees


The district proposed the following articles:


Article: Key Proposals NTA Response
New: Calendar Approval Process
  1. Develop calendar to maximize student days before P2 attendance period
  2. Take work calendar away from negotiations to a new committee and to approve calendars two years out regardless of current contract negotiations
  3. No response from district.
  1. NTA Agrees in principle

  2. NTA insists on retaining its’ right to negotiate the calendar.

  3. NTA proposed a ½ day for teachers to prepare for the first day of instruction at the beginning of the work year.
Professional Teacher Support Program
  1. District proposed to separate the Induction program (BTSA) from the Peer Assistance Review (PAR) program and it added a third Career in Teaching Committee
  2. District proposed to include induction participation as part of evaluation
  3. The district proposes to reduce the number of NTA representatives from 3 to 2 on the PAR committee.
  1. NTA agrees to separate into three sections.
  2. NTA disagrees, believes the Induction program (BTSA) participation should not be part of a new teacher’s evaluation.
  3. NTA disagrees and wants to keep the three committee members.
  • …provides teachers the opportunity to refine their practice and learn new strategies in order to help students be successful.



Please forward feedback to your negotiations team. Kristen Rocha, Chair

Justin Vorhauer

Lydiana Alfaro

Sarah Shaw

Emilio Moran


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