NTA Time to Teach Campaign


Natomas Teacher Association

Time to Teach Campaign


Students are the center of everything we do.

As NTA members, we are committed to the success and well-being of every student.



All students deserve access to the teacher support, tools, and environment they need to be successful.

Student Success

Quality education and a safe, positive school culture inspires students’ desire to learn.


Ensure every student has a caring, highly qualified, committed teacher.

  • The NTA ‘Time to Teach campaign’ is focused on reducing workload, caseloads and class sizes to ensure that our members have time to give our students individual attention.
  • Each student, regardless of grade, gender, ethnicity, or specialized learning needs, has the right to a quality education.
  • Fully fund an effective special education program to meet the needs of all Natomas students regardless of their ability level.
  • NTA members work diligently to ensure all our students have the Public Education they deserve.
  • NTA bargaining proposals outline plan describes our THE PUBLIC EDUCATION OUR STUDENTS DESERVE (see the separate proposal topics)
  • Great teachers are attracted to and stay in districts where they are appreciated and supported. NTA is working to stop the unprecedented outflow of teachers from our district.
  • Investment in our teachers is an investment in students learning environment.


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