Election 2022- Noel Mora for Area 1 Trustee

NTA Recommends Noel Mora (Area 1) for Natomas School Board

In Area 1, NTA recommends Noel Mora. Noel was raised in South Natomas and graduated from Natomas schools. He currently works at Sacramento State and oversees community outreach throughout the Sacramento region. He is from our community and has a deep appreciation and understanding of school sites throughout our district. Noel is committed to ensuring students have the supports they need including mental health support on every campus. He listens to teachers when we discuss the challenges we currently face, including the safety of ourselves and all of our students. 

As we move forward in Natomas in the post pandemic era, we have an obligation to do what is best for all the students in the district. Natomas residents could not have two better choices to steer our district into the future. We urge you to vote for Noel.

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