Article XIV: Teacher on Special Assignment



The purpose of this article is to provide guidelines for teachers on special assignment (TOSA). These opportunities for current bargaining unit members are developed to utilize a teacher’s expertise in furthering specialized goals of the District.

A. Position Responsibilities:

  1. The job posting will describe the specific position responsibilities of the special assignment and its anticipated duration. The assignment may be extended to two (2) school years without additional posting.

2. While on a special assignment, a teacher’s previous assignment in his/her building will be held for up to two (2) school years. If the teacher continues beyond two (2) full years in the special assignment, his/her position shall not be held.

B. Selection Process:

  1. All vacant TOSA positions will be posted online and all bargaining unit members shall be notified of the posting via district email. Applicants will be subject to a screening and interview process.

C. Work Day:

The work day for the TOSA will be established in conjunction with the Natomas Teachers Association President or designee. The vacancy posting shall note that start and end times may vary. The number of minutes in the work day for each TOSA position shall not exceed the number of minutes in a teacher’s workday, as calculated in Article V, at the site to which they are assigned.

D. Work Year:

TOSAs will be compensated on the Certificated Salary Schedule. If the special assignment requires an extended work year, compensation will be on a per diem basis.