Article XIII: Special Education and Special Subjects Specialist


1. Principals of schools served by the same special education or special subjects specialist teacher will confer to make every effort to ensure that the duties of the teacher will be no greater than those of the regular teacher.

2. Every effort will be made for teachers who are assigned to more than one school to minimize travel time and to ensure an adequate amount of time for lunch and breaks.

3. Special Education class sizes shall be as specified by the California Education Code or the California State Department of Education regulations. Special Day Classes, except for the middle school and high school tutorial class (RSP) will be limited to a class size goals as specified in Article X – Class Size.

4. All teachers in this article, with the exception of speech and language therapists, shall be provided a certificated substitute when absent from school.

5. The District will attempt to schedule necessary meetings requiring the attendance of Special Education or Special Subjects Specialists teachers within the workday.

6. I.E.P. meetings will be scheduled during the workday if a minimum of three (3) can be scheduled consecutively.

7. See the District’s Special Education Program Handbook for description of the Full Inclusion Program for Severely Handicapped Students.

8. Special Education or Special Subjects Specialists are required to attend site faculty meetings as scheduled. Special Education or Special Subjects Specialists assigned to more than one site will attend the site faculty meetings on a rotating basis with exceptions made according to agenda items.