Article I: Agreement


A. This bilateral and binding Agreement is entered into this 20th day of July 2016, by and between the Board of Trustees of the Natomas Unified School District, hereafter called “District”, and the Natomas Teachers Association (who is affiliated with CTA/NEA), hereafter called the “Association”. “Board” in this document refers to the Natomas Unified School District Board of Trustees.

B. This Agreement is entered into pursuant to Division 4, of Title l, Chapter 10.7 of the California Government Code commencing with Section 3540.

C. Term – This contract will be in full force and effect until June 30, 2018 or until a new Agreement has been agreed to by both parties.

D. In order to provide the Association with opportunities to assist the District to make reasonable budget assumptions, funding allocations, and enrollment projections; to better manage position control and staffing assignments; and, to make reductions in expenses that do not require collective bargaining to implement, as well as to develop other systems and procedures for improving the District’s financial position that the parties may agree is warranted:

1. A group of up to three Association representatives shall meet and consult with up to three District representatives as designated by the Superintendent; one shall be the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services. The meeting shall occur on a monthly basis (unless otherwise agreed), and be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the parties