March 31, 2021 Update

Status Report

In a clear repudiation of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the district has unilaterally (without TEACHER AGREEMENT or input) decided to move forward with a plan to  eliminate cohorts for TK-12 and increase concurrent elementary instructional time. In addition, there appear to be decisions being made that will undermine the health and safety protections in our MOU.

The district has disingenuously claimed that it wanted to “meet and confer” to get NTA’s opinions and get information to make a decision on a “possible larger reopening” but we all know that claim is false. The district made and announced a final decision in total disregard of its contractual obligations and without seeking any input from NTA.

Also, the district is adding synchronous screen time for the Elementary students while eliminating negotiated prep time for their teachers. Nearly 2 hours a day of synchronous “zoom” instruction is being added to the day for the youngest children in our district.  The concern here is that some of the youngest students are already having a hard time with their current zoom hours. Without the input from teachers, the district is making a blanket decision mandating a change that is more about quantity than quality education. 

The District has repeatedly and intentionally disregarded mutual agreements with our association, starting with the imposed calendar move in August. This current disregard of our collaborative Transitional model severely undermines our role in the bargaining process and mutes our voices as instructional experts. 

The District is attempting to remove parity and equity from the bargaining process once again.

We remain, as ever, committed to providing quality, equitable, and safe education to all of our students. We are considering all legal options to remedy this unilateral decision and ensure that we are included in future labor and educational decisions at the appropriate time in the process.

We are continuing to take responses to our survey. Please remember, this is a survey of three types of actions (not a vote).  There are an array of actions and activities to participate in, so please contact your site rep for more information.

Moving forward, our site reps will be reaching out with a few more members this week to complete their responses to the survey.  If you are unsure who your site rep is please contact your NTA Executive Board.  Thank you to everyone who has responded as we’ve had a tremendous response from you so far. Our 600 members deserve to be respected. 

We will be meeting with Site Reps on Thursday at our regular monthly meeting. 

Please keep up on emails to look for updates as we continue to get your input, even over spring break. (If you are not receiving messages from us, please send us your personal email address to

In Solidarity, 

NTA Executive Board

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