NTA Reaches Agreement- Distance Learning

Hello NTA Bargaining Unit Members,

We are hoping you are doing well as this crisis has had such a huge impact on all of our lives. We wanted to let you know that in light of the latest guidelines from the state, NTA leadership spent most of the day negotiating and discussing with the District regarding “distance learning.”

As such, we are pleased to announce that an MOU has been agreed and signed off regarding Distance Learning. While there may be additional items and issues that come up, we wanted to be proactive and address as many items as possible. Here are the highlights (full agreement attached):

  • Short term calendar:
    • Week of March 23: teachers plan and prepare lessons
    • Weeks of March 30 and April 6: Teachers begin “pilot” lesson plans
    • Weeks of April 20-May 21: Staff provide provide instruction though Distance Learning
  • Staff will be allowed to use existing instructional platforms (google, class dojo or whatever else currently used by teachers)
  • Staff may collaborate as necessary and appropriate
  • Staff expected to consistently provide instruction, resources, and support to students through distant learning. Staff expected to be available weekly for the equivalent of one hour per day to students and families.
  • Distance learning activities will not require summative assessments or grading
  • Educators will not be evaluated during school closures
  • Educators will not be evaluated or disciplined based on the quality of lesson plans and instruction during school closures
  • School psychologists may schedule appointments virtually or on a district provided cell phone/equipment
  • Counselors may provide appointments for students via email or when appropriate using tools such as google hangouts
  • Educators that are exposed to coronavirus will be placed on paid admin leave, for other illness or if educators are not available to work remotely they can use regular sick leave or other leaves
  • Special education provisions will be negotiated in a separate agreement
  • No one will lose any pay during school closures
  • We reserve the right to negotiate additional items
  • MOU expires June 30, 2020

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns or additional items that you think should be negotiated.

We are proud and appreciate all the hard work NTA members have been doing and will continue to do on behalf of our students and community.

MOU COVID Distance Learning March 2020

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