Settlement Reached

In alignment with our core tenets, to promote the well-being of our members and to improve conditions of teaching and learning in Natomas, Association leadership filed a charge against the District to protect President release time per the contract.  President release time is utilized in a myriad of ways.  It is purposeful and useful for the President to visit members on school sites and in the workplace and to represent members in meetings with administration, just to name a couple of activities exercised  to establish parity with District administration.  When challenged as to the use of President release time, NTA filed a charge with the Public Employment Relations Board.  This is called an Unfair Labor Charge or Unfair Practice Charge.  

 In the course of time, disputes arose regarding charges to the Association for release time of the President and other members of the Association.   The Association regularly releases members from work to reach out to members, to address the needs and changes imposed upon members in the course of their work, i.e. new report cards.  The Association amended its initial charge to address the District’s characterization of what was owed. The District filed in court to recoup the charges they outlined were due.  

 Days before the Association’s charges were to be heard in PERB, NTA and the District reached a settlement agreement outlining how President’s release time is to be taken, and settling the dispute of money owed the District and to be charged the Association.  President’s release time will revert back to previous practices.

 NTA members, avail yourself of representation and engagement with your leadership as we strive to improve members working conditions and students’ learning condition in Natomas.  Together, we will actualize Natomas Unified School District as the destination District for teaching and learning.

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