Natomas Teachers’ Association Bargaining Update – March 18, 2019

March 18, 2019

  Natomas Teachers’ Association
Bargaining Update…

Keep Quality Teachers in Natomas Campaign

Students are the center of everything we do.

As NTA members, we are committed to the success and well-being of every student.

Please forward feedback to your negotiations team.

Kristen Rocha, Chair

Justin Vorhauer

Mara Harvey

Randy Hodge

Emilio Moran

Lydiana Alfaro

Achim Dangerfield



The following is a summary of the NTA proposals to keep NUSD competitive with other districts in the region

March 18th was our first bargaining session after sunshining in January/February. Below are the key proposals to the articles presented and the rationale supporting the needs for certificated personnel.


Article: Key Proposals NTA Rationale
Article I- Agreement
  • One year agreement was proposed
  • MOU documents attached in appendices
  • NTA will continue to gather information on current and proposed changes to working conditions. Bargaining language will then be proposed.
  • The NTA Special Education Task Force recommendations are to be reviewed in Spring 2020. This will inform future negotiations  
Article V- Hours
  • Collaboration time to be teacher/department directed
  • Compensation for lack of substitutes in elementary.
  • Duty every other week
  • Early release MOU presented for collaboration on Wed. TK-5/TK-8 schools
  • Clarify minimum vs early release day.
  • Provide support for teachers who must prepare and supply lessons and activities for additional students.
  • Provide more teacher directed collaboration time with an early release schedule for TK-5/TK-8 schools on par with other districts in the region.
  • Provide additional time for teachers to collaborate on best practices and to support new teachers in practice
Article IV- Salary
  • Seven (7%) increase on all salary schedules
  • Compress longevity (pay increase) steps to get to them sooner
  • Remove and compress Column 0 into Column 1 on salary schedule
  • Move Natomas Unified out of the bottom of the pack compared with all other districts in our area.
  • All bargaining unit members deserve an increase in salary
  • Be competitive with other district pay schedules.
  • Create incentives to retain experienced teachers.
  • Increase lifetime earnings for all
Article VI- Health and Benefits
  • Increased monthly district contribution of:  
    • $25/single; $50/emp + 1 $75/family
  • Provide individuals and families relief for the ever increasing cost of health care.
Article IX- Evaluation Procedures
  • Nurse Formal Observation Form proposed
  • Speech Language Hearing Specialist Formal Observation Form proposed
  • Ability for teacher to provide written feedback to informal evals
  • Provide formal evaluations that accurately reflect these specific positions’ professional practices.
  • Access documents and make responses accessible.

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