NTA Sunshine for 2019-2020

Natomas Teachers’ Association (CTA/NEA)
Initial Bargaining Proposal for Sunshine 2019-2020

NTA exists as a body of members working to promote our students’ rights to a quality public education in Natomas.  It is our goal to provide the best conditions and environment for both students and teachers. Through our negotiations we will address the student experience by focusing on the resources needed for student success through the District LCAP goals and the Collective Bargaining Agreement articles.

The Natomas Teachers’ Association hereby submits the following initial proposal for the 2019-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Natomas Unified School District. All agreements reached on individual items shall be tentative, subject to a final tentative agreement on the contract. Absent a final agreement modifying the contract, the existing contract language shall remain in full effect.

The Natomas Education Association reserves the right to create, add to, delete from, amend, and modify its proposals and/or open articles of the contract during the negotiations process.

Article IV Salaries  (and all relevant appendices, including LGA schedule)

Article V Hours of Employment

Article VI Health and Welfare Benefits

Article I Agreement

Article IX Evaluation Procedures (and corresponding Appendix C documents)

Article II Recognition

Article XVII Association Rights

NTA proposes to review language in contract articles and memorandums of understandings that may have become obsolete, need updating, be eliminated, or incorporated into the collective bargaining agreement.



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