Facts on Teacher Retention

FACT sheet on teacher retention

The district has attempted to misinform the Natomas community about the facts about the teacher retention problem in our Natomas schools.

FACT: NUSD hires between 80-100 teachers each and every year.  There is not a hiring problem, but there is a retention problem.  No need for hiring bonuses.  Since 2012, we have hired about 600 teachers, but around 400 of them have left NUSD.

FACT: We have a 60% teacher retention problem in NUSD.  Any amount of teacher loss is a disgrace.  Alarmingly, we have lose more special education teachers than we have hired.

FACT: Several NUSD schools have had 50% or higher turnover recently.  LGA has lost about 80% of their teachers each year, with the highest turnover rate.  This year, NHS has had a teacher resign each week for the past six weeks.  American Lakes and Bannon Creek have each had 50% teacher turnover this past year.  Our exit surveys show that they left due to a lack of classroom resources, and poor district culture (admin bullying, extraordinary demands, lack of time to collaborate with colleagues, etc)

FACT: Each teacher that leaves (resigns, retires, in non-re-elected, etc.) affects between 30-200 students per classroom each year.   That’s thousands of students left behind.

Feel free to contact NTA for details on our exits survey, and for more specific stats and details on teacher hiring and teacher resignation stories.  Talk to your local classroom teachers, and students, for their stories.  This is not a national problem that is some puzzle we can’t solve.  Rather, we can solve this problem easily through teacher input and an authentic and sincere collaboration with Natomas Teachers’ Association to implement the resources and supports our teachers have been suggesting through the LCAP for several years.

Thank you for caring about Natomas teachers!

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