NTA Bargaining Update – July 12, 2018

NTA Bargaining Update – July 12, 2018

Your NTA bargaining team and the district presented their proposals to the fact-finding panel on June 25th. The fact finder was unable to mediate a settlement on that day, therefore we have received a fact finder’s report (please see your home emails for the report). It is a guide for reaching a settlement agreement with the district. It’s not everything we wanted or deserve, it positions us for engaging in problem solving around servicing special ed students. It is a one year proposal for settlement.
The association looks to meet with the district to craft language in accordance with the fact-finders report. Should we reach an agreement, a ratification vote will take place at the start of the work year.
Though we do not have an agreed upon calendar, the association encourages members to report to work on August 6th. Please save the date for a General Membership meeting for Thursday, August 9th at CTA.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Kristen Rocha at krochanta@gmail.com, Kenya Spearman at kspearman@cta.org, Brenda Borge at bborgeca@gmail.com.

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