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January 2018

by Natomas Teachers’ Association January 2018

Upcoming lunchtime visits:

Jan: Heron, LGA, Natomas Park

Feb: Witter Ranch, H. Allen Hight, Bannon, Two Rivers, PVS


Several sites have already been visited so thanks to everyone that has participated and attended so far.  It’s been great to see all of you!




Community Forum:  

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 / 5:30—7 p.m.

CTA Natomas Regional Resource Center,  4100 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95834

(Light snacks will be provided)

Community stakeholders will prioritize education in Natomas at this community forum.  Come and engage with educators, parents, students, business owners, and others in addressing the needs of the students in the Natomas Unified School District.  Under Governor Brown The Local Control and Accountability Plan or LCAP encourages community stakeholder to contribute to the development of education in their local district.   Together we can do wonderous things!

Please plan to attend, or pass this on to your PTA parents and School Site Council parents.  Thank you!


Transfer and Reassignment – upcoming process and non-re-elect information

Just a reminder to all certificated staff – the Transfer and Reassignment process begins March 1st when the district gives you a form to choose your preferred school site/position.  The hard deadline to return that form  to HR is March 15th.  If you do not complete a form on time, then you may not be considered for a position.

We do recommend that all teachers submit a form, whether you want to move or not, even if you simply list your current position.  The reason is, you never know what’s going to happen (the district is often making impulsive decisions when you least expect it).  Some of these unexpected changes have included principal changes, school closures, calendar changes – the district is starting to talk about implementing a year-round schedule again.  (Year round or modified year round calendars are often done when there are facility issues and a need to have more students attend a school site.  We have maintained contract language for that occurrence.) Other examples – changing schools to K-8, adding combo classes, collapsing classes, adding new classes or positions never before listed, summer retirements and resignations.  We suggest that you put all desired positions, whether or not they currently exist or are posted, dream positions and all, because you never know.

At the Transfer and Reassignment meeting in April or May (when the district is ready to make the transfers), there are always NTA leaders represented at those meetings to monitor the transfers. Typically we have an Exec board rep from elementary and an Exec Board rep from secondary.  After the transfers are made, HR sends letters to those teachers who were affected – moved.

In February, new or probationary teachers begin to get notification about possible non-re-election.  This means that under the law, districts can dismiss any probationary teacher without stating the reasons why.  Typically, this notification happens in mid-February around the time of the President’s Day holidays.  Under the law, the district must notify the teachers, then the board approves the dismissals by March 15th.  That’s why notice happens in mid-February, one month before the board is notified.

If you receive a non-re-elect letter, please notify NTA as soon as possible.

You can access the contract here:  https://natomasunified.org/departments/human-resources/nta-bargaining-unit-agreement/


Contract Highlights/Frequently asked questions

by Natomas Teachers’ Association on January 2017

Q: What is the procedure for the edcode/contract language that states that if a teacher has been in the district over 10 years, and they received a satisfactory evaluation on their last evaluation, they can be evaluated every five years?  I believe I am one of those teachers and nothing has been communicated to me about this.

A:  In the contract, it states:

Effective July 1, 2015 and pursuant to Education Code 44664, employees with permanent status who have been employed at least ten (10) years with the school district, are highly qualified, if those personnel occupy positions that are required to be filled by a highly qualified professional by the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (20 U.S.C. Sec. 6301, et seq.), as defined in 20 U.S.C. Sec. 7801, and whose next evaluation rates the employee as meeting or exceeding standards, will be evaluated every five years. The certificated employee or the evaluator may withdraw consent at any time.

NTA sees the above language as the default.  If you did not discuss this at your goal setting meeting, you should assume that you are not going to be evaluated this year.  You can clarify this with your principal, citing the contract and your last satisfactory evaluation.  Human Resources has recommended that teachers approach their principal if they have any questions about implementing this part of the edcode/contract.  NTA has asked that HR please give the information to principals so they are aware of this wide-spread request by teachers.  NTA will email principals to remind them that there are teachers out there who sincerely would like to avoid the unneccessary stress of a formal eval every year.  NTA continues to work with the district on the informal eval documents and the use of the portal to be more of a two-way tool for teachers.

Q: My principal is sending students who have disciplinary issues (example: fist fighting, teacher harrassment) to my colleagues classrooms in lieu of class suspension or an appropriate behavior consequence.  What should I do?  Please advise.

A: It is not lawful to send a student who has been suspended by one teacher to another teacher’s classroom.  Your colleagues should not allow these students in their class. Please inform your principal to follow edcode and the law on teacher class suspensions, as well as the district discipline matrix for assigning consequences for student behavior.


School Board Meetings…by Lydiana Alfaro on January 2018

New Years Resolution…

We hope you make it a New Years Resolution to attend one to two school board meetings this year! It is great experience to come out and hear the public comments and see what proposals are being addressed at the school board meetings. Teacher presence demonstrates another aspect of teacher investment in our students and you can give your input or suggestions at public comments or sit in the audience and observe the process. It is fun to get two to three teachers to attend with you, meet for dinner, and head over to the meeting. If you are interested in attending, please let your site representative know and you can schedule a day to go together. If you would like to speak at a school board meeting, you fill out a card with your name and submit to the members at the table.  Good luck in the New Year and we appreciate your hard work, time, and dedication to your students!

School Board Meetings – upcoming meeting dates, Tues.. Feb 13, Wed. Feb 28 (Bannon Creek), Wed. Mar. 14, Wed.Mar 28, Wed. April 11, Wed. Apr. 25 (Two Rivers), Wed.May 9, Wed. June 6.

Negotiation Update  by Kristen Rocha on January 2017


Thank you for your continued support in Negotiations. Please also reference the December negotiation update to review the sunshine proposal.  (below)

Your NTA  Bargaining team met January 10 and January 12 2018, with NUSD District representatives regarding the contract negotiations for the 18-19 year.  The next Bargaining day is on February 1, 2018.

NTA presented language on the following Articles:

SAFETY AND WELL-BEING VIII,Tentative agreement reached:  A minimum of one (1) dedicated security personnel will be on campus during the workday for the K-8 school sites.  

HEALTH AND WELFARE BENEFITS VI.Tentative agreement reached:

A $50 monthly district contribution increase. This is reflected for those bargaining unit members in family coverage to receive ($1047.98)  per month, two party or single parent coverage will receive ($719.85) , single coverage will receive($630.36) per month, for the purpose of funding pre-tax health and dental premium contributions and benefits.  

We have made proposals on HOURS OF EMPLOYMENT V and SALARIES IV.  NTA proposed hours language around our preschool program, collaboration time, extra period contracts, charter school SPED schedules, subbing, and elementary PE scheduling development.


NTA proposed a one year contract increase of 4% salary increase on 18-19, 12 PD hours for off schedule 1%, Elementary Report Card Committee, Nurse Job description, unlimited years acceptance upon hiring, credential unit credit for programs combined with BA/BS degrees, middle school dept head stipend.  The district countered with a two year offer.  There was an offer of 3% on the 18-19 salary schedule, with two years of 12 PD hours for off schedule 1%, and a 1% non salary schedule one time bonus in 19-20 year.


Still to be shared are proposals for Class Size X and Special Education and Special Subjects Specialist XIII.  

The district proposed a new article XXII, on school calendars.

There was a proposal from the district on ARTICLE XII Professional Teacher Support Program. District proposes to separate the Induction program (BTSA) from the Peer Assistance Review (PAR) program and proposes to add a Career in Teaching Committee to promote teacher retention and professional growth and culture in NUSD. The language proposed also adds/changes/clarifies language and change stipends.

Thank you for your support, Feel free to share your thoughts with us at krochanta@gmail.com from your personal (non-school email)  to your bargaining team: Emilio Moran, Lydiana Alfaro, Sarah Shaw, Justin Vorhauer, and Kristen Rocha

Here is the update from December:

Negotiations News  by Kristen Rocha on December 2017

Natomas Teachers’ Association (CTA/NEA) – Initial Bargaining Proposal for Sunshine December 2017

NTA exists as a body of members working to promote our students’ rights to a quality public education in Natomas. It is our goal to provide the best conditions and environments for both students and teachers. Through our negotiations we will address the student experience by focusing on the resources needed for student success through the District LCAP goals and the Collective Bargaining Agreement articles. NUSD has approximately 590 teachers and 40% of these teachers have only been here less than 2 years. There are currently still a number of midyear open unfilled teaching positions across the district. Additionally, multiple resignations have occurred since the start of the year. NTA recognizes there is an expanding teacher shortage. We need to prioritize the goal of making our district a destination for students by recruiting and retaining teachers, which is LCAP goal five.

The prospective supports for SPED staff have changed the working conditions which has impacted our ability to retain and attract fully credentialed, experienced, and skilled special education staff. Great teachers are attracted to and stay in districts where they are appreciated and supported.

The Natomas Teachers’ Association hereby submits the following initial proposal for an upcoming 2018-2019 collective bargaining agreement with the Natomas Unified School District. All agreements reached on individual items shall be tentative, subject to a final tentative agreement on the contract. Absent a final agreement modifying the contract, the existing contract language shall remain in full effect.

The Natomas Education Association reserves the right to create, add to, delete from, amend, and modify its proposals and/or open articles of the contract during the negotiations process. Unless otherwise indicated, proposals are in conceptual format, and they are not comprehensive in content.

Article IV Salaries (and all relevant appendices, including LGA schedule)

  • Increase wages to compete with other districts so NUSD will attract and retain the highest quality educators. Trainings, extra duty pay and professional development are also applicable to support LCAP goals.

Article V Hours of Employment

  • Focus on students/classrooms by providing adequate instructional planning and preparation time.
  • Equitable planning and preparation time for all unit members, including special educators, nurses, counselors, speech and language pathologists, itinerant teachers, early childhood education teachers, and psychologists
  • Modify language regarding duty and meeting requirements in order to place more focus student/classroom instructional duties

Article VI Health and Welfare Benefits

  • Improvements in current medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees, dependents, and retirees, with no additional costs to compete with other districts so NUSD will attract and retain the highest quality educators.

Article VIII Safety and Well-Being

  • Support and resources to maintain orderly and well-disciplined sites and programs for the support of goal 4, to create safe and welcoming learning environments where students attend and are connected to their schools

Article X Class Size

  • Establish class sizes and caseloads achieving optimal educator-to-student ratios to increase student success in ELA, Math, Science, Literacy and Civics and to prepare students to be college and career ready. All five LCAP goals will be supported

Article XIII Special Education and Special Subjects Specialist

  • Provide the necessary support and resources to educate all students in general and special education settings. The central focus is on the NUSD inclusion program of clustering students with IEPs into mainstream classrooms but all specialists will be addressed in the proposals. All five LCAP goals will be supported with this article improvement.

NTA proposes to review language in contract articles and memorandums of understandings that may have become obsolete, need updating, be eliminated, or incorporated into the collective bargaining agreement.

Natomas Teachers’ Association

2121 Natomas Crossing Drive

Sacramento, CA 95834

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